Keeping things safe and sustainable while enjoying the great outdoors

Keeping things safe and sustainable while enjoying the great outdoorsAh! The great outdoors! How many times have you heard that expression? After reading some of my earlier posts, you will have also sensed my own feelings of nostalgia and relief at getting outdoors every once in a while. But, sadly, we rarely get to make use of our free time to take advantage of this, preferring to choose the predictable comfort, shelter and security of our own home environments. During our many preoccupations, whether working or unwinding, we tend to favor familiar urban surroundings rather than face up to the adventurous and unpredictable possibilities of communing with our natural surroundings.

Our false sense of security

This does not mean that we are inherently scared. Today’s modern and sedentary work-life environments have trained our human condition to give us a false sense of security while being stationed in one secure place, sometimes for hours on end. Due to desk work and other productive pursuits, our minds and bodies have been programmed to embrace a more settled and usually uncluttered environment and reject the unknown.

Even if just gardening, spending more time outdoors does not need to be as precarious as it sometimes feels. Just a few basic safety measures help to train the body and mind to feel comfortable with previously unfamiliar surroundings. Take gardening as an example then. The noonday sun does not need to harm us just so long as we are wearing a wide-rimmed sun hat, a long-sleeved T-shirt and a good anti-UV lotion. Going out for a brisk walk or out into the hills never needs to be dangerous, just as long as your best friend is tagging along and you’re wearing a decent pair of walking shoes or hiking boots with matching thick, woolen socks.

The endless possibilities of saving your soul

Going hunting, fishing or camping, whether just for a weekend or during your annual vacation, does not need to cause you to shudder with fear because of all the potential dangers out in the wild, particularly at night. Being safe is indicative of being responsible, so take heart in this. Never venture out alone and always enjoy the great outdoors with a group. Taking long trips to your destination of choice does not need to be dangerous, just so long as you buckle up and obey all the rules of the road.

Travelling at night out on the country road with a wide-angled flood LED bar fixed to your truck’s roof or front end will certainly keep you safe. Even the wild animals have a better chance of avoiding sudden impact while crossing the road. And whether you are still rooted to the chair in your study, or hopefully far from home enjoying country life, the possibilities of saving your soul, saving time and money, even your environment, are now endless.

Whether it’s your desktop or a Cree LED lighting system on your car, you can also save many hours of battery or electricity-generated power. Not only that, many of your appliances are designed to keep you safe too.