Cutting Back on Growth Times

Cutting Back on Growth TimesIf there’s anything the farmers and agribusinesses of the world want more than anything else, it’s to cut back on the time it takes to grow a crop, get it moved to market and sell it. Growing food is a way of life for some people, and the more food they can grow in a season, the more money they can make. While it isn’t viable for small scale farms and individuals, the use of electronic grow lights is actually pretty widespread in larger agribusinesses. The rest of us can try it on a smaller scale by using a single grow light or tray, but I want to talk more about the sun for a moment.

The sun is responsible for all life on Earth. Without it, plants wouldn’t grow, and the animals which eat plants would starve, followed by the animals that only eat other animals. Light produced by the sun, or any ultraviolet light for that matter, is just a part of the photosynthesis process most plants use to produce their own food and stay healthy. Because direct sunlight carries an energy level of about 1,100 watts per square meter, it’s possible to use alternative lighting sources to keep plants growing even after the sun descends for the night – a practice which makes plants grow far faster than normal.

Unlike animals which need sleep, plants simply continue to grow, and if left unchecked will be sure to overgrow their surroundings if they manage to stay alive. Too much light energy will dry out leaves and burn foliage though, thereby killing the plants that need that same energy to live. This is why it’s generally better to give plants the level of light they’re used to getting over extended hours rather than increasing the wattage over the normal amount of time. Over at Plantozoid you can find tents and other goods to help you in setting up an outdoor greenhouse of sorts.

I’m all about boosting productivity and getting more done in the same amount of time, so this whole electronic growing operation really has piqued my interest. I have room enough to set something up and I’m sure I could afford the kilowatt hour cost on my energy bill when it comes to that, so I’ve really been thinking about starting my own garden lately. The website I mentioned earlier has been fairly valuable in looking up different lighting solutions and comparing them all in one place, so check out if this sounds like something you’d like to try too.

As for me, I think I’m going to pick up a few small things, nothing major. I’ll give it a try for a few months first and if that works out, well I don’t know; I must just start up a little side business growing some of the freshest produce available in my area. If I understand right, this is the sort of business that takes care of itself too – I just show up to water the plants and occasionally clip something. That’s a pretty easy investment for me to make.

The 5 Ultimate Programming Languages that You’d Want to Know

Ultimate Programming Languages

There is no doubt that this is an article about a programmer and naturally you will end up learning about programming. But what is the million dollar question? What programming language should I choose? There are a lot of programming languages that you will find out there but these are some of the best ones that you can opt for.

JavaScript & JQuery

One of the programming languages that have been in rage is JavaScript. This is an absolute favourite for the web developers and rightfully so. This language plays a pivotal role in generating communications for your site when you are trying to expand it.

Moreover, it is also known for generating top notch interface, all thanks to the frameworks which you will find in the language. It is a language that is used extensively to make animations on your site. You know how visual people have become nowadays and therefore, this language becomes a hero for the web developers in creating a better site.

This can actually help you create a very responsive site which is something that every developer wants to have.


Python is a language that has become a must for many a programmer. The basic reason for this is that you will get knowledge about everything in this language. This is the reason why this language is often called the ‘all in one language’.

This language helps you hone your skills and become a true developer. This is something that will help you in developing web apps, user interfaces and data analysis among other things. Most of the big companies are using Python to analyze data sets which is why learning this language will open new doors for you.

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Check out These Top 7 Strategic Techniques to Help You Learn Faster & Better

Top 7 Strategic Techniques

It is not that easy to learn a programming language so it is always our intention to make the whole process a little easier. This is the reason one must remember to strategize properly when you decide to learn new languages. These are the 7 best strategic techniques that you can use to make learning more fun and informal.

Mix n Match

Learning skills is not hard; all you need is patience and concentration. So if you have some knowledge about a particular skill then the work is half done. The most important thing for you is, knowing how to amalgamate your existing skills with your old skills. Remember that learning new skills will need you to know something about this skill beforehand. It will only help you to learn the new skill more efficiently.

Take your Time

You must understand that in order to learn anything you will need to like that subject. If you just want to store all the information at hand in your head or mug it up, then invariably you are going to fail. So take a moment and think why you want and need to learn this particular subject and you will see that the rest will come to you naturally.

Take a breather

It is very important for you to know when you call it a night. You need to take regular breaks from time to time. One might be happy to know that this is a strategy that pays off the most. The reason for this is that you need to remember how much you can digest. If you think of it properly then you will realize that you will be able to reflect on the subject at this time because you will be doing so without even trying.

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5 Things a Decent Flex Designer Ought to Know

5 Things a Decent Flex Designer Ought to Know

The work of a Flex designer is much more difficult than how we conceive it to be. Just the knowledge of a few controls does not suffice. There are a lot of things that one such designer is ought to know. The skills that he possesses are really interesting.

Do you want to know about the really cool techniques that he employs for his job? Here is a step by step breakup of all the skills he has to hone in order to stay on top. Let us go through this.

Object-oriented programming (OOP)

Object oriented programming is a paradigm which basically revolves around the idea of ‘objects’. Now, the question is what are objects? These are nothing but data structures that consist of data in the form of attributes and methods.

Object oriented programming is a hugely diverse platforms experimenting in different spheres. There are a number of programming languages which come under this topic. ActionScript 3 is one such language.

This is the language over which the whole of Flex designing is based on. One of the most important requirements for dealing with Flex development and design is the sound grasp over object oriented programming languages like that of ActionScript 3.

Now, the point here is, if you have previously worked with languages like Java and C#, then rest assured you are well equipped to venture into the world of Flex designing. One the other hand, if you are a novice to these languages, you need to start on your little study with object oriented programming languages!

Skill to debug

Another really important factor that comes in when you are venturing into Flex designing is the skill to debug! This is more complicated than what it looks or sounds like. To start with, what is debugging? We write a program and make it work. Our main aim here is to make the program as close to our wishes as possible.

But sometimes there are some hindrances, or ‘bugs’. The whole program is affected because of the presence of that one bug. This might prove to be a big obstacle in the path of the program.

Debugging is the process of tracking down and locating the bug in the program and making amends to it in order to make the program work properly. For any program, the talent of being able to debug is essential.

You need to be able to get to the root cause of the program in order to fix it. The good news here is that to facilitate the process of debugging, there are a number of tools to help us. These include Kap Inspect, Flash Builder 4 Debugger and the likes.

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How Simple Simon became a tech guru

How Simple Simon became a tech guruThis is a sorry tale about Simple Simon. As his name suggests he was not as bright as most of you but at some stage of his life he slowly read some of the words from one Wise Solomon. Simply because he was slow, it took weeks for Simple Simon to digest these words. One passage was particularly striking for this Simple Simon. You see, not amounting to much else for most of his life, Simple Simon loved to sleep. There were never ever any alarm clocks in his shack because he never wanted to wake up.

Every story has a silver lining

By the way, this tale is not so sorry after all. Like most fairy tales, there is a happy ending. But one day Simple Simon was able to learn how to use a good reciprocating saw. This is how it all began. At this stage we’d also like to remind you to read some of the previous posts published by Adrian Sule, a true man of the world who derives great pleasure in helping others to get on with their lives.

As a practiced programmer, he’s also something of a tech guru and is a firm believer that knowledge, while it is empowering, is free. Owing to being obtuse for most of his life, Simple Simon did not have much of a brass farthing, otherwise known as quite a few pennies short of the dollar; to scratch his…The rest of the last sentence is left up to the reader’s creative imagination. It is now an imperative practice of business and working life, particularly those who are now acquiring the skills to master the use of online tools and software, to always be creative with their thinking.

The best things in life are still free

Invariably, and this has been proven, particularly in the last few years, creative imaginings on how to do things better have led to great innovations in the ongoing growth of the tech world. Back to Mr. Simon. It was fortuitous that he landed up with this website, mainly due to the fact that all information and useful guides are freely available. Simon could now learn how easy it was to make extensive use of widely available and, in many cases, free, mobile apps.

Having learnt his lesson this late in life and never wanting to miss another tip and/or trick, Simon has programmed his mobile as a verifiable alarm clock to get him up early in the morning. While he is getting ready to start surfing the net for a job, previously unimaginable to him, Simon can now also listen to the news of the day. He also gets fresh weather reports from his mobile which means, of course, that he no longer leaves the hovel in his Bermudas when it is quite clearly still pouring with rain.

For Simple Simon, the good thing about reading all about the is that guides and reviews were, well all really quite simple to follow. Of course, it also helps that Simon has now become a practiced reader and able to conduct his own, independent research.

Tips For Being a Intimidating as a Geek

Tips For Being a Intimidating as a GeekLet’s talk a bit about geeks. They look fragile, weak maybe, but smart! It depends how you describe the ‘smart look’ but yea, smart. They are not really that kind of people for who you would say can be frightening or get into a fight without a reason. They are often bullied, people consider them funny and maybe they are not accepted by the whole society, but they have the brains. But can you, as a geek, be intimidating? Can you take a stance so others think that it is better for them not to get into a fight with you? I believe you can. Why not in the end? Humans learn how to become better, how to pass their fears. It all depends on the question whether you want to be someone who can defend themselves. But how to become that someone? By learning a few tricks. Have courage, try to defend yourself.

  1. Physical signs

Remember that the first impression you leave on someone can be a positive or a negative one. When approaching someone or entering a room, your posture will say a lot about you. If you look solid and confident, people will have a rather positive opinion about you. Well of course they will right?! When someone sees that someone in good health is standing near them, they will think that that person has some degree of self-respect and will not let themselves be provoked. Next, try to build some muscles. Not too much, but rather enough so it looks like you care about your body and strength. You will feel better about yourself which will be visible to others!

  1. Sports

Tips For Being a Intimidating as a GeekGo and pick a fighting sport to learn some basics. Try Judo or Krav Maga or Tai Chi – anything which interests you which you can later use to defend yourself. Or just get a great grappling dummy to practice on. If you show that you know anything about any technique you will be in a better position than without that knowledge. And if you train something, the chances to look intimidating are much higher. It is great when you don’t have to worry about people around you – don’t have the need to feel scared or run just because you’re weaker. Training will boost your confidence and let your spirit free. That is the goal in the end, right? Intimidation is something which you attain with practice. Start practicing!

  1. Eye contact

When you talk to someone try to keep the look a bit longer than usual, a few more seconds longer. It will give an impression that you are not frightened to look at someone. Confidence is really important. Also, when you’re sitting, try to sit without crossing your legs. Keep them rather apart. Another tip regarding eyes is that you should look around you every few seconds. It will show that you are aware of your surroundings and are thinking about things around you in general. If your brain is working, people will not see you as a dumb and an easy target!

A Handyman’s Life Smith had a shed that of which any man would be proud. Over the years, he had built up an impressive array of hand tools, accessories, and general hardware like nails and screws, studs, tapes, glass jars, and different types of tapes. You could find in David’s shed electrical tape, duct tape and packaging tape. He was the ultimate handyman who could repair plumbing, do some odd job electrical work and was a dab hand at carpentry.

The house that he and his wife lived in was a modest looking home from the outside. It had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open style living area, a practical kitchen and a games room. The latter had been added by David himself. The extra bedrooms were not in use except when their adult children would visit with the grandkids. David had no problem answering calls from any of his three children whenever they needed help. It might be a blocked sink, a shelf that needed putting up or a installing a new light fitting. David would throw a few tools into his pickup and drive to the home and happily do the job. On occasion, he would take his wife Jenny who loved doting on her grandkids at every opportunity.

Even the neighbours seemed to make use of David’s wonderful handyman abilities, and he would be just as happy walking next door to do an odd job as he would having people around for a BBQ. Once a month, David had a few of his mates around to watch the football, have a couple of beers and maybe a game of darts or pool. The guys enjoyed the monthly get together to build a bit of camaraderie. All this would take place in Dave’s shed which not only housed his favorite tools but also served as a sort of man-cave. A large screen tv with surround sound, a desktop PC, a dart board affixed to the wall and of course, the half-sized pool table.

Often the guys would talk about the tools David possessed they hung on the wall in their specially marked spot on the peg board. There was a hammer drill, a power saw, a nail gun, a cordless drill, screwdrivers of every shape and description, a grinder, a jigsaw, a sander, a compressor and a heat gun. The list seemed endless. Most of the items David purchased online. He would read the reviews, check the features, go to the local hardware store to look at the item physically and if he was happy he would purchase online. It seemed a cheaper option most of the time. He even had a wood lathe and a bench grinder in his shed.

Some of the major projects David had completed included the making and installation of his workbenches in the shed, a pergola attached to the house and a beautiful gazebo that became the central piece of his back yard. You could sit in there and listen to the waterfall of David’s backyard fishpond, eat a bit of cheese and drink some wine and agree that life was pretty good!

Perils of working at night

Perils of working at nightIn some jobs, night shifts are inevitable such as hospitals, airports and all those establishments, which run 24/7, which I think includes most of the present generation businesses. While working at night can wreak havoc with your sense of balance, with some careful planning of your day and some peaceful daytime hours, you can work all night through and manage to get full eight hours sleep the next day.

There has been conflicting opinion on whether it is good to your mind and body, when you work this way. While we are from birth accustomed to work during daytime and rest at night, what happens when this rhythm is inverted is something to ponder about, and more worrisome is the impact on health this can bring on.

Key influences

This issue has two components. One is the impact on mind and the other is the impact on our body. Some people get used to night shifts gradually. Evidence points that while initially it is hard to cope with the night shifts people later catch on and seem to like it too.

I have done a few late night shifts to finish some urgent work. I bunked work the following day, not on purpose but because I slept through the entire day. And driving at night with the glaring headlights of oncoming cars is a harrowing experience I try to avoid. But ever since I got the nice led light bars from fixed in my vehicle I don’t worry about driving at night anymore.

Adapting to change

A study done on sleep pattern on police officers deployed on night shifts showed that once they had adapted to the night shifts, the sleep hormone melatonin peaked at daytime instead of night as is usual. Normally the melatonin is released normally during late evening time, which is when we get the tired and sleepy feeling. Once the pattern is changed, the people studied felt more alert and happier too.

The faster reaction time was however found in only 40 percent of the people studied. A larger study done on Canadian police officers, shows that of the people who could not adjust to the nightshifts, nearly 40 percent were diagnosed with sleep disorders. And to keep alert and have better lighting condition during night drives, police vehicles now use CODE-3 LED Bars, which is an ideal emergency vehicle lighting system.

Bodily impact

The night shifts also affect your lifestyle. Exercise and a healthy diet get a hard beating when you work such shifts. This is mainly because nutritious foods like salads are hard to obtain at nighttime. And snacks, pizza and takeaways become the order of the day.

While during the normal daytime shifts, it is easier to hit the gym in the mornings, you can’t do this after a night shift. A study by Surrey University reveals that the late shifts affect how our genes are expressed leading to several systemic issues such as impaired glucose balance and metabolic changes. This increases obesity and type 2 diabetes risk in the long term.

My Favorite Stretching Yoga Moves

yoga-moveFor me, yoga is the best way to recharge your batteries and get a smile back on your face. It is very easy to do yoga, because it is fun and it is relaxing. Also, this is the best way for stress relief. However, yoga has more benefits. It is good for heart health, it can help you lose weight and it can keep you young.

The most important part of yoga are moves. There are many of them and every single one is helpful in its own way. However, every person has favorite stretching moves. These are moves I personally believe they are the best. If you want to know how to relieve stress, I advise you to try them.

Shoulder stretch

Raise your arms (palms forward) and interlace your fingers. Your arms should be above your head. Relax your shoulder blades. Stay in this position for 5 breathes. Then, place your arms to the sides and move shoulders forward and backward (3-5 times).  Repeat the whole move. You should remember that your arms should be parallel with your ears. This is a simple stretching move that is very useful and you can do it in the office.


This move targets lower back. If you are sitting at a desk every day, this is the best move for you. You will start by sitting on the floor. Your feet should be 10 inches in front of your butt. Knees are bent. Place your hands behind your hamstrings and interlace your fingers. Tighten the pelvic floor and pull naval in toward the spine. Remember that you must inhale through the nose! While you are exhaling, lift the left leg and put the left heel in front of you. During this, push with your right foot. Return to the starting position and repeat 5 times. Maybe it sounds complicated, but C-Curve is one of easy exercises.

Heart opener

If you want to know how to unwind, this is the best stretching move. It is also the easiest. You will have to stand and clasp your hands behind you (at the level of lower back). Try to lift them as much as possible. During this, you must look straight ahead. Stay in this position for 5 breathes.

Standing forward bend

Keep your legs in the hip apart distance. Then, fold over the legs. You can bend your knees if your hamstrings are too tight. Stay in this position for 5 breathes. Then, return to the starting position. Rest for a couple of seconds and return to the folded position. While you are lowering your head, shake it left and right (like when telling someone NO).

Balasana (child’s pose)

You will start by placing the tops of your feet and your knees on the floor. The feet must be together. Rest your chest and belly between your legs. Of course, your knees must be apart. Your forehead should touch the floor. Then, extend your arms in front of you, as much as possible. If you cannot reach the floor with your head, place a pillow between the head and the floor. I used this trick when I was a beginner.

Looking Back in Time Does not Mean Going Backwards in Life

You have probably read elsewhere that it is not ideal to dwell on the past, particularly if you have problems to deal with today. And let’s face it, who doesn’t have challenges to deal with in today’s climate, whether you are juggling your work schedule with family responsibilities or studying for finals while still putting food on the table. Psychologists and other like-minded, but well-intentioned, care givers seem to have a field day saying the same thing over and over again; don’t look back in anger. I’d like to challenge this notion briefly.


Vintage imaginings

Looking back on your past – psychologists have also said this – does not necessarily entail a retrogressive approach to life. In fact, it is quite healthy, because when mainly difficult days affect the mood, a nostalgic reflection on happier times can do a world of good. Picture this scenario. I have experienced this in real life. A round table gathering, whether at dinner time, a coffee shop or a favorite social meeting place, predominated by older men, sometimes comes to life in conversation with opening lines such as ‘back in the day’ or ‘when I was younger’.

Invariably, there is a smile on the face of the conversationalist or a kind response from those who are listening to him. Sometimes, you are invited into the homes of older friends, particularly those you look up to for advice on life or regard as exemplary role models. You notice that these folks have placed delicate heirlooms and visual impressions of their past life in strategic areas of their living room. In an earlier post, I spoke extensively about decorating ideas.


Add classical themes to your life

I’d like to add to this by suggesting that your home could be enriched by adding a touch of austerity to it. It can be done stylishly as well. You could also portray yourself exteriorly with a blend of eccentricity or sophistication by attiring yourself with retro items of clothing that make a statement about your own personality, from top to bottom. Of course, if you really want to turn heads you will need to dig a little deeper in shopping for that original look otherwise you could end up simply copying and pasting retrograde styles that everyone else has already picked up from fashion retailers’ hangers.

I’ve always admired the so-called vintage look. You see this sometimes in the way people dress, even the classically themed open faced helmets that some motorcyclists wear. You do sometimes see this in people’s homes. Here, I am not talking about the older folks who have consciously held on to everything of value to them over the years.


There is nothing negative about harking back to the past occasionally, nor is it inherently old-fashioned to be re-imaging yourself or your home with things that are from a bygone era. In fact, I think it is rather classy, never mind classic.

Keeping things safe and sustainable while enjoying the great outdoors

Keeping things safe and sustainable while enjoying the great outdoorsAh! The great outdoors! How many times have you heard that expression? After reading some of my earlier posts, you will have also sensed my own feelings of nostalgia and relief at getting outdoors every once in a while. But, sadly, we rarely get to make use of our free time to take advantage of this, preferring to choose the predictable comfort, shelter and security of our own home environments. During our many preoccupations, whether working or unwinding, we tend to favor familiar urban surroundings rather than face up to the adventurous and unpredictable possibilities of communing with our natural surroundings.

Our false sense of security

This does not mean that we are inherently scared. Today’s modern and sedentary work-life environments have trained our human condition to give us a false sense of security while being stationed in one secure place, sometimes for hours on end. Due to desk work and other productive pursuits, our minds and bodies have been programmed to embrace a more settled and usually uncluttered environment and reject the unknown.

Even if just gardening, spending more time outdoors does not need to be as precarious as it sometimes feels. Just a few basic safety measures help to train the body and mind to feel comfortable with previously unfamiliar surroundings. Take gardening as an example then. The noonday sun does not need to harm us just so long as we are wearing a wide-rimmed sun hat, a long-sleeved T-shirt and a good anti-UV lotion. Going out for a brisk walk or out into the hills never needs to be dangerous, just as long as your best friend is tagging along and you’re wearing a decent pair of walking shoes or hiking boots with matching thick, woolen socks.

The endless possibilities of saving your soul

Going hunting, fishing or camping, whether just for a weekend or during your annual vacation, does not need to cause you to shudder with fear because of all the potential dangers out in the wild, particularly at night. Being safe is indicative of being responsible, so take heart in this. Never venture out alone and always enjoy the great outdoors with a group. Taking long trips to your destination of choice does not need to be dangerous, just so long as you buckle up and obey all the rules of the road.

Travelling at night out on the country road with a wide-angled flood LED bar fixed to your truck’s roof or front end will certainly keep you safe. Even the wild animals have a better chance of avoiding sudden impact while crossing the road. And whether you are still rooted to the chair in your study, or hopefully far from home enjoying country life, the possibilities of saving your soul, saving time and money, even your environment, are now endless.

Whether it’s your desktop or a Cree LED lighting system on your car, you can also save many hours of battery or electricity-generated power. Not only that, many of your appliances are designed to keep you safe too.

Living room décor tips

Living room décor tipsSince living room is the place, where we spend most of our waking hours in, having it decorated well is vital. A nicely decorated living room sends of good and refreshing vibes making you energetic and motivated. When I mentioned about decorating my living room to my friends they were immediately spouting advice on how to bring down the expenses.

With winter, all set to arrive, my outdoor hobbies have come to a standstill. And, I have started focusing on my indoor ones. I have been putting off the redecoration for a long time because of my busy schedule, but I have finally gotten around making some changes and the decoration seems to be good. Here are a few decorating tips that I had gleaned from my living room decoration experience.

Planning is vital

Starting out with a good plan is always the wisest way to proceed. By a plan, I don’t mean you have to chart down every little detail. Having a general outlook on how you want the living room to appear will help.

A solid plan and strategy always helps in making your project successful. For instance, I had planned to add an aquarium to my living room and had to design the other elements with the aquarium spot in mind. And setting up the aquarium is itself a big process. From the right canister filter, which I got at to the fish and ornaments, I had to spend a lot of time on the aquarium. But all that effort was worth it as the aquarium now hogs the limelight in my living room.


You need to do plenty of research on the various accessories you have planned. Magazines, catalogues, and online interior design sites help you to choose the right designs, style, or color. Choose a set of designs that appeal to you and pick one that interests you the most. Although I had a bit of dilemma picking out from the few I had selected, I managed to do it and I am glad I did as everything turned out quite wonderfully.

Dazzling and muted lighting

Living room décor tipsLighting is an important part as it creates the ambience you are aiming at. The glitter and dazzle effect of the room is brought out best by the lighting fixture you choose. The lights stimulate the senses and increase oxytocin levels bringing you joy.

I added special lighting for the aquarium too. This gave a startling contrast to the décor. When you have an aquarium, you should be meticulous about having it clean and well maintained. Using an appropriate and efficient aquarium filter is a vital part of maintaining the aquarium.

Next to lighting, furniture and upholstery should be focused on.  Proper alignment of furniture away from the wall gives the room a spacious look rather than lining them up against the living room wall. In addition, the colors of the furniture, curtains, and wall paint should blend well to give an esthetically pleasing look. Flooring is another significant part to concentrate on. Whether you have carpet, tiles or hardwood floors, make sure the color of the flooring is darker than the walls.

Cooking as a hobby

Cooking as a hobbyCooking is one hobby that is enjoyable and quite easy to take up. Since eating is part of everyone’s routine that cannot be neglected, taking it up as hobby is certainly a way to revel in eating and experiment with creative and fresh flavors.

Although I love hiking, trekking, and other adventure hobbies, cooking is one hobby, which keeps me sated, and trying out new dishes whenever I get some time off. As far as hobbies go, cooking wins easily as it is simple and fast to begin and you get to improve your cooking skills. In fact indulging in cooking hobby is a great investment, as it will help you all through your life.

I find cooking interesting as a hobby because it has helped me learn how to cook healthily.  And it is a great way to save money, when you consider the costs involved in eating out. And the best thing I love about cooking is I enjoy cooking new and exotic dishes for my family and friends. The satisfaction you get from cooking a delicious meal and receiving appreciation for it is second to none.

If you discover you have a passion for cooking, you can even turn the hobby into a lucrative career as caterer or chef. It is not just the cooking part that I love but the shopping for ingredients, gathering the necessary supplies and utensils, and preparing the entire meal from scratch.

Cooking is a handy hobby at present. And with the kind of exposure you get to international cuisine with the internet, it gives way to a lot of creativity too. For instance, my friend was so impressed with the dish I cooked for him recently that he bought me a wonderful meat grinder from

Starting to cook

meat cooking as a hobbyIt is easy to start cooking as you have a kitchen at home. It is not necessary to have hi-tech equipment to start cooking as initially you need to master the basics first, which does not need much by the way of equipment.

Most often cooking is handed down from generation to generation from mothers to their daughters or from cooks in the family. Aside from family recipes, you can also find plenty of resources elsewhere and even videos. The glossary and appendices help trace the recipes or ingredients you are searching for. When I got my Lem Products75-Hp meat grinder, the first recipe I tried out was meatballs as I had been eagerly trying it out with little success so far. But after my friend’s gift, the recipe turned out to be quite easy and the meat balls were so delicious that my friend said he was glad he had thought of the gift.

Cooking is a skill best learned by trial and error. You need to know how to handle the ingredients and prepare the food. When you start trying more number of recipes, you will become more confident and do well. If you need a comprehensive cooking training, enrolling in cooking classes helps you learn simple techniques and recipes.

Using Music to Unwind and Stimulate You

headphones-890881_1280In an earlier blog post we suggested and listed a few enjoyable ways to help you unwind over the week-end. These days because most of us retain our curiosity, we still seem to have the habit of turning our eyes back to our computer interfaces.

Whether at a coffee bar or during a walk in the park, it is rare that you see someone without a smart phone device in his hand. Sadly, some of those folks are still working, unable to put the busy week’s work schedule behind them and already preparing themselves for another work week ahead.

Listen to music while you work

The importance of relaxing and taking a complete break from work cannot be emphasized more strongly. By doing this you are not being lazy. You are acting prudently. If you remain fatigued physically and mentally you won’t be able to perform at your best. Smart workers have implemented relaxation techniques into their work schedule to help them remain calm and stimulated during their busy work day. You can do this too.

Most workers these days are also working with desktop computers or laptops, no matter what their occupation. It is an essential tool of trade. Smart workers know how to get the maximum benefit from their hardware and software, so, for them, workflow processes run smoothly most of the time. What they have also done is utilize the many smart apps available to enhance their ability to relax during work hours.

One of the best ways to achieve the lowest levels of stress possible is to listen to music while working. And a highly effective way to contribute towards being able to relax during those free hours over the weekend is by keeping the mind occupied with tasks not related to work.

Hobbies will stimulate you

Hobbies allow you to stimulate your mental faculties while enjoying what you are doing. For instance, if you are an avid lover of music, you could be teaching yourself how to play a small brass-coated trumpet. If you enjoy working with your hands you could be testing new tools related to trades such as arts and crafts or cabinet making. Today, learning new crafts and skills has never been easier. Programs, online guides and live recordings have proved to be just as effective as a real life instructor.

Deciding which hobby to take up is always going to be a challenge, mainly because there are so many choices to consider. But at least there are websites such as this one, which provide you with helpful information on how to get started and other essential background info.

Listen to music while you play too

Finally, always remember to apply relaxation techniques to whatever physical or mental activity you are preoccupied with, whether it’s working at your workstation or building a set of shelves in your workshop.

If you’ve not taken advantage of this before, try listening to music while you play. It will stimulate you and help you unwind at the same time.